First, we source top-of-the-line, soft-to-the-touch, awesome-to-the-eye fabrics. These are some high quality components we're talking about here.  High quality components = high quality shorts and that is a scientific fact.
Second, we source sweet zippers, pocketing, buttons, and pocket details (those sweet little pieces of radness all over your Chubbies).  This is the "trim".
Third, we send all of that great fabric and trim to our local manufacturers in the Bay Area.  Yup, that's right, these radical shorts are locally made. And the manufacturer is legit - pumps out sweet, high-quality Chubbies like it's his job, literally...

Now here, you'd think "Hey, you've got the shorts now, there just couldn't possibly be another step!  You've already got great fabric. You've already got great looking trim. And you've already manufactured these puppies with the best shop in the Bay Area. WHAT MORE COULD YOU DO????"

Well I'll tell you what more we could do - we could send our shorts to the highest-rated wash-shop in California to stone wash these babies to beat them down to the softest, best-looking pair of shorts the world has ever seen.  That's what we could do.

And the output is magnificent.  Soft, radical and made for the weekend.

When you put on your Chubbies, you know it's time to relax, crack open an ice cold beer, and have some fun. 

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