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LAST CHANCE: THIGHBER ENDS TONIGHT | 40% Off With Code: "THIGHBER40" | 00d 00h 00m 00s
LAST CHANCE: THIGHBER ENDS TONIGHT | 40% Off With Code: "THIGHBER40" | 00d 00h 00m 00s

Men's Casual Shorts

The original khaki short. The type of men's short shorts your dad wore. Chubbies short shorts for men.

Made from our newest, fanciest, most-technologically-advanced stretch casual fabric for the ultimate in movability and flexibility. They even feature an elastic waist and an updated (read: improved, more comfortable) fit. Nothing will make your thighs look as good as these.

Close your eyes. Now picture the perfect short. Is it water resistant, anti-rip, lightweight, and perfect for a wide range of activities? Now open your eyes and experience The Everywear Short.

With a classier, more tailored fit, the Flat Front shorts are designed to give you that elevated chino look without sacrificing comfort. They rock a non-elastic waistband and oxford lined pockets, so whether you're headed to the golf course or a casual lunch meeting, you can feel confident that all of your necessities are safe and secure.

They're just like our classic Flat Front casual shorts, but they have SIX pockets. Pockets for what you ask? It's up to you.

Meet the only shorts to have sunshine and summertime vibes woven into every stitch.

These shorts are designed to keep you dry, cool, and buckled in for your next adventure. Featuring a vintage-style, built-in cord belt and a velcro back pocket, these puppies will have you planning your next camping trip with the gang just so you can show ’em off.

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