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Free NEXT DAY Shipping on Orders $100+

We don’t want there to be any reason you need to ever go into a store to buy shorts. Plain and simple. So every order over $35 gets straight up free-as-William-Wallace shipping. Oh, and Returns? Remember when you used to take your products back to the store and waste time talking to some clerk about your return? Not anymore. No questions asked return policy on our dime within 90 days of your purchase. Just send those puppies back with our return slip and we’ll get you taken care of instantly. We want you to focus on the weekend and simply crushing life rather than the hassles of returning products.

Quick heads up that we do not accept returns or exchanges on monogrammed, personalized, or special-order items. We also do not accept returns or exchanges for previously worn Chundies or swim trunks because that's just weird. You can exchange any shorts or shirts purchased in a Julyber or Thighber Monday gift order for some new goods or a gift card, but we can't give any refunds on those orders.

In the outside chance there is a manufacturing defect on our part, we will honor your return regardless. 



Hombre, friend, Chubstomer, amigo – we want to talk to you in-person. While other companies try to push you to email or automated systems, we are making sure you are personally taken care of every time you have a question. We want to cut through the crap and handle your problems directly. In the off-chance that you call and don’t get an actual human on the phone, guess what, we’re calling you back as soon as possible to make sure you’re 100% taken care of.


Yep, that’s right. If your Chubbies don’t fit EXACTLY how you want them to, send them back using our quadruple dope return process and we’ll get you a different size faster than you can open up a fresh adult beverage. And just a heads up, if people call you Quads Magee, then jump up a size. We know there's a bunch of athletic dudes reppin the shorts and we want to make sure you're all set up.