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1) When in the crap does Chubbies release shorts?

Sign up for our email list to find out - we give our subscribers priority updates on launch timing. You can find the signup here:

2)When the heck does the 'Mericas get shipped?

We'll be shooting these bad boys out as quickly as we can. We've got a ton in production right now, so we'll be shipping those out as fast as they get back to us. Right now we still don't have an exact date and we don't want to give you any false hopes but they should be going out within the next 2-4 weeks. Just in time for the best country in the world's birthday. Rest assured as soon as we get those puppies we'll be shipping out right away.

3) How much do these bad boys cost?

These mothers range from $49.50 to $59.50 - depending on the style

4) How do the sizes relate to other inferior products I've worn?

Smalls correspond to a waist size of 26" to 29", Mediums correspond to a waist size of 30" to 33", Larges correspond to a waist size of 34" to 35", and XLs correspond to a waist size of 36" to 38". See The Fit Guide page for a more detail short diagram.

5) Why so few XLs?

We're cranking as fast as we can to get XLs in all styles - for now they are only available in a few select styles, but never fear, the rest will be filled out very very soon.

6) How long does it take for my order to get to my doorstep?

We ship the day after you place your order and we ship USPS Priority or FedEx. So you can expect your shorts within 3 to 7 business days of your purchase. We'll hit you with your tracking number when we actually ship those bad boys out so you can keep up with them as they come crashing into your mailbox like a rocketship of awesomeness.

7) What’s your exchange & return policy on custom or monogrammed items?

Since we’ll be making these pups for you and only you, we can’t process any returns or exchanges on one of a kind items unless it’s because of a manufacturing flaw or defect.


8) What about your return or exchange policy when it comes to Chundies or swim trunks?

Dude, gross. We won’t be doing any returns or exchanges on Chundies or swim trunks that have been previously worn or used.


9) How do I exchange my shorts for another pair?

Easiest thing in the history of the planet. Fill out the return card we provided in the box (or print one off here) , slap on the provided return label from in the box, drop it off with the fine folks at the United States Postal Service and give them about 2-3 weeks to get the shorts back to us. Once we get the shorts back, we fire you off your exchange pair via Priority Mail.

Note: We can't accept any returns or exchanges that are over 90 days old. Super sorry about that!

10) Where are the shorts manufactured?

This question really goes without asking, but you're damn right they're manufactured in the good ol' US of

11) Does Chubbies Ship Internationally?


12) How should I wash my Chubbies?

Whelp, laundry is a huge bummer, so stay as far away from this field of thought as you can. If you *have* to wash your Chubbies, as a last resort, then wash them in cold water. If they're on the brighter side of the color spectrum, wash them with darks.

13) Can I buy Chubbies and resell them online (eBay, Amazon, etc.)?

Not cool dude. We have a bodacious community of Chubsters running around spreading the good word on our behalf. For that, we're freakin' stoked. Unfortunately, there are always going to be people that try to take advantage of the situation. What up capitalism, nice to meet you. All that said, we feel that it simply isn't fair to our community to have to buy Chubbies through a sub-par outlet at a higher price. We will be monitoring this incredibly flattering phenomenon and holding orders for those people who are taking advantage.  

14) I wasn't able to place my order, but I see a pending transaction on my bank account - what's the deal?

Yup, this happens when the billing zip code you have entered on your order doesn't match the billing zip code on the credit card you're trying to use. If you change up that billing address on the order, it should make the transaction go through. Now in regards to the pending transaction, for whatever reason some banks will hold your funds for a couple of days when you get this specific zip code error. We have no idea why. The good news is that those transactions don't ever validate and will drop off of your bank account within 1-7 days.