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Chubster Nation,

It happens to us all. We graduate. We get a job. We become a working stiff. The glory days are over. 


Here's what I say. I say f*ck that. We may be grown ass men with jobs, but that doesn't mean that we've become lifeless idiots carrying out a vacuous existence devoid of fun. 




That's why we're doing a special version of the Chubbies Spring Break Quad Squad for the Chubster Nation who have moved on beyond the halls of university studies. 

Sign up right about here:






1. Once you've signed up to be a Quad Squad Commander, we'll send you an email confirming your own personal Quad Squad Commander code.
2. Distribute that code to all of your friends, classmates, family members, and future Chubsters looking to backflip into the shorts slangin revolution. Be honorable. No need to try to game the system. See the FAQ for more info. 
3. THIS IS IMPORTANT: Each purchaser must enter your code and click "Apply" at checkout to become a part of your Quad Squad.
4. You can add members to the Squad starting NOW up until 11:59 PM PST Tuesday February 18th. Each person who purchased with your code counts towards your squad's tally. 
5. We will send out an email everyday after 5 P.M. PST to your commander to let you know how many people are currently in your Quad Squad.


Level 1: If your Spring Break Quad Squad has 5 or more people, we'll send you a custom Spring Break Chubbies Flag for the              group.
Level 2: Get 10 or more people in your squad: the flag is yours, plus everyone gets a pair of croakies and a Chubbies tank              custom built for spring break domination. Boomskis.
Level 3: Get 15 or more people in your squad: The croakies, tanks and the flag are all yours, and your group is also getting              sweet sombreros and beach balls.
The Grande Kahuna: The squad with the most people will get hooked up with everything above and a ridiculous PARTY              ISLAND - complete with speakers - and accompanied by all the floating party gear you can imagine


Also, you should read this: 

* There is one Spring Break Party Box shared amongst the group and it will be shipped to the Commander, who will distribute to the group. 
** Make sure you pick one person in your group to be your Quad Squad Commander and create your Quad Squad to ensure you don't have duplicate Quad Squads amongst your group. 
*** People join your Quad Squad when they buy shorts between now and February 18th using the Quad Squad code at checkout.
**** We can only ship to locations in the US of A
***** We'll aim to compile and start shipping your Spring Break Party Packs by February 24th. Might be before, might be a little after. We gotta make sure your stuff is looking perfect before we get it into your hands. 
****** Make sure you read the FAQ, because it's got tons of sweet informational tidbits in there to ensure domination and remove any surprises. Check it here:

If you have any questions whatsoever, shoot an email over to us at