Men's gray lounge sweat shorts with dope flamingos on 'em.

Things these sweat shorts are good for: 

1. Preparing a nice cheese plate
2. Pre (AND post) hot tubbing
3. Watching Martín Gramática YouTube highlights
4. Checking to see what’s in the fridge
5. Binge reading Harry Potter
6. Cross stitching a self portrait
7. Calling mom — note to self: call Mom
8. Catching popcorn in your mouth
9. Checking to see what’s in the fridge
10. Using proximity mines in Goldeneye
11. Thinking about doing that task around the house you’ve been putting off
12. Continuing to put off said task
13. Checking to see what’s in the fridge
14. Looking all sexy
15. Listening to Thelonious Monk
16. Ordering General Tso's chicken 
17. Playing your Gameboy
18. Landscaping your rock garden
19. Eating cereal out of a salad bowl
20. Sculpting your bonsai tree
21. Shoot, forgot to call my dad — note to self: call Dad
22. Huge yawns
23. Making lists

About The Beach Chairs: Sweat shorts in coolest shade of gray. Flamingos in the most flamingo-y shade of pink. Yup, that about covers it. Gonna go back to my hammock de siesta, but let me know if you have any other questions.

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