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Equivalent to winning the heisman, getting a 4.0, and landing your dream job all at once.

The shorts revolution needs you.

1. What is a Chubbies College Ambassador?

A Chubbies College Ambassador is a true extension of our brand on your campus. They are bad*ss shorts aficionados in a sea of confused cargo and man-capri-wearing jabronies. They are the most elite group of thigh-bearing men known to mankind. They're on the front lines, spreading the good word of thigh liberation and introducing Chubbies to fellow students.

2. What does a Chubbies College Ambassador actually do?

Chubbies College Ambassadors are responsible for leading the Shorts Revolution on their respective campus. They live the brand 24/7/365. Chubbies Ambassadors are responsible for finding the most radical ways to bring their peers into Chubster Nation. They can expect to get a ton of guidance from Chubbies HQ via Facebook, email, phone and telepathy. This is not a job. Our company is based on living every damn day like it's the weekend so this is literally the most outrageous and fun thing an ambassador could possibly be doing with his semester. Our Ambassadors are expected to regularly engage and compete with each other in tangible challenges that give them real world experience in business, marketing, and having the best friggin' time ever. Count it.

3. What can a Chubbies College Ambassador expect to get out of this?

January 1st is the last day we will be accepting applications for the Spring 2016 campaign. Throw on your work shorts and get your app in ASAP.


"Pants are a monument to man's stupidity." -George S. PattonCollege Ambassador Chublication

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