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Get $10 Off 2 Or More Pairs Of Swim Trunks | Check Cart For Details

Get $10 Off 2 Or More Pairs Of Swim Trunks | Check Cart For Details

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Welcome to Chubbies. Here is what we believe.

  • We believe in the weekend
  • We believe that “short shorts” is a redundancy
  • We believe in swim trunks, swim shorts, bathing suits, swim suits or whatever the heck else you wanna call ‘em because we believe that if you’ve got a pair of those on, well, you must be doing something right
  • We believe in the right your quads have to a life of freedom and sunshine
  • We believe in aloha shirts (aka Hawaiian shirts)
  • We believe in comfort
  • We believe in our fathers - they led the way; we are but revolutionaries standing on the shoulders of amazingly mustachio’d giants in proper length shorts
  • We believe in things with American flags on them, whether that's shorts, swim trunks, or the feathers of a bald eagle being ridden by George Washington
  • We believe sweat shorts are the greatest innovation in lounging since hammock cup holders were invented in the early 1780s
  • And we damn sure believe in Friday at Five

Onward to the Weekend >

-Team Chubbies

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