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Toddler Sunday Shirts

Our best-selling Sunday Shirt now available for the youngings, ranging in sizes 2T-6.
The Resort Wear (Kids Sunday) - Image 1 - Chubbies Shorts

The Resort Wear

Toddler Sunday Shirt

Current Price $44.50
The Lil Rainbow Row (Toddler Sunday Shirt) - Image 1 - Chubbies Shorts

The Lil Rainbow Row

Toddler Sunday Shirt

Current Price $44.50
The Lil' Jungle Explorer (Toddler Sunday Shirt) - Image 1 - Chubbies Shorts
The Lil P.I. (Little Kids Sunday Shirt) - Image 1 - Chubbies Shorts

The Lil P.I.

Toddler Sunday Shirt

Current Price $44.50
The Lil Sunday Linner (Toddler Sunday Shirt) - Image 1 - Chubbies Shorts

Learn more about our Kid’s Sunday Shirts AKA Kid's Button-Up Shirts

Do you absolutely love your Friday Shirt or Sunday Shirt and want to get one for your kid so the two of you can ruthlessly flex on the haters in awesome matching shirts? Well, you’re in luck.

Our kid’s button-up shirts are carbon copies of their adult counterpart using our Friday Shirt Stretch Poplin in our Sunday Shirt silhouette and shrunken down(We told our legal department that we wouldn’t make any “Honey, I Shrunk” or Rick Moranis jokes here).

Designed with the most active kids in mind kid's button-ups, or as we call them ‘round these parts Sunday Shirts, not only look good but also feel good, so your child won’t feel compelled to rip them off and run around screaming. They’re the perfect blend of style and comfort ready to have your little ones feeling and looking their best.

You don’t have to have an adult button-up shirt to match either. These button-up shirts for kids are just as cute when worn in or out of a Parent & Kid Matching Shirts sitch.

Some Ideal Kid’s Button Up Shirt Uses:

  • School Picture Day
      - The unreal fit & fun patterns make our button-ups a great choice for preserving a family memory for years to come.
  • Parties
      - Whether you want your kids to match Dad’s button-up shirt on his birthday or you want to let everyone at Chuck E. Cheese which kid is yours - these shirts will crush it.
  • Family Outings
      - Ideal for all of your BBQs, picnics, & those relaxing trips to the park where you have to keep telling your kid to not climb up the slide in the wrong direction.
  • Semi-Formal Occasions
      - As a member of Chubster Nation, you know that bringing some color and patterns to semi-formal events is a must. Now, your little ones can have a fun button-up shirt on as well.
  • Vacation Travel
      - The fabric on our kid's button-up shirts is so comfortable that your kids will want to wear them for family vacations and road trips.
  • Everyday Wear
      - So comfortable & easy to wear that your kids will practically be begging to wear this shirt every day.

Kid’s Button-Up Shirts Features:

  • High-Quality Stretch Fabric
      - Made from a soft, breathable cotton sprinkled with a little bit of spandex to help stretch. It’s going to make your kids want to wear this shirt on back-to-back days regardless of how much yogurt they spilled on it the day prior.
  • Fun Prints & Patterns
      - It wouldn’t be a Chubbies button-up without an awesome print or pattern on it.
  • Comfortable Fit
      - Made in our Sunday Shirt fit, it’s a bit roomier giving your child all the space they need to bust a move when the spirit moves.
  • Easy-Care Fabric
      - Easily machine-washed and dried, saving whoever does the washin’ a headache.
  • Lightweight
      - From warm summer days to cooler fall and spring temperatures, the lightweight fabric & full button options of this shirt give it year-round versatility.
  • Wide Size Range
      - Available in sizes that accommodate kids of all shapes, sizes, and ages.
  • Gender-Neutral Designs
      - We believe that all of our patterns and designs are suitable for any type of kid who wants to match with any type of parent.
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