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Corduroy Overshirts

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Corduroy Shirts (AKA ‘overshirt’ or ‘shirt jacket’ or ‘shacket’ or ‘best thing since sliced bread’)

Turns out “shackets” aren’t just some word your girlfriend made up as an excuse to steal all your comfy shirts. They’re real, and we just made some. Enter the corduroy shirt.

We took the definitive fabric of fall (corduroy) and made overshirts (shackets) out of them. We also made corduroy shorts, but we’re letting the corduroy shacket have its moment here.

It’s a well-deserved moment too.

The corduroy overshirt is tough and durable, yet still warm, soft and comfortable. An overshirt that you put on and it instantly elevates the rest of your outfit (hich is about all you can ask for from a mid-layer)

Oh, and did we mention the wales? Those are what the strips of fabric are called and what creates that iconic “whoosh-ing” noise as the fabric rubs together. Yeah. WALES. Don’t say Chubbies never taught you anything.


  • - Chest pockets for your finest tools and wares - or a spare quarter to call your mom and tell her how good your outfit is
  • - Metal snap buttons - Use for either bundling up in the coldest of temps or opening up the overshirt to feel the fall breeze

Best For:

  • - An outer layer in the fall when it is not too cold out
  • - Underneath your outerwear as an additional warm layer, that looks good when you have to take off your jacket indoors
  • - Being paired with our Corduroy Shorts to create an incredible corduroy matching set
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