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Little Kids Swim Trunks (6M-6)Little Kids Sunday Shirts (2T-6)Little Kids Polos (2T-6)

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Little Kids Polos

Our best-selling Performance Polo now available for the youngings, ranging in sizes 2T-6.
The Dude Wheres Macaw (Kids Polo) - Image 1 - Chubbies Shorts
The Mini Thigh-napple (Kids Polo) - Image 1 - Chubbies Shorts
The Squad Goal (Little Kids Polo) - Image 1 - Chubbies Shorts
The Broad Stripes & Bright Stars (Kids Polo) - Image 1 - Chubbies Shorts

The Broad Stripes & Bright Stars

Little Kids Performance Polo

Original Price $39.50Current Price $25.00
The Cucamonga (Little Kids Polo) - Image 1 - Chubbies Shorts
The Out of the Blue (Kids Polo) - Image 1 - Chubbies Shorts

Learn About Our Boy’s Performance Polo Shirts

Because fun, vibrant prints on the golf course shouldn't be limited to dad only.

We took another one of our best-selling products & made ‘em for the little ones in our life. This time it’s performance polo shirts for kids.

Gone are the days of having to get you and your child to come to a full written agreement on what to wear when it isn’t their Bigfoot t-shirt & sweatpants. Our kid’s polo shirts are so unbelievably comfy that your kid’s never going to want to take it off, and also won’t want to take a nap but that’s an unrelated issue.

Our kid’s polos are carbon copies of our men’s performance polos, so you can expect the exact same fun designs and comfort. Meaning that if you want to wear matching shirts with your kid - you can do that now.

Our kid’s polos are so comfy we made a list of acceptable places for your kid to wear them:

  • To School:
      - Take a little leeway with the school dress code & still let your kid show off their personality while still wearing the school-mandated polo shirt.
  • The Golf Course:
      - The moisture-wicking fabric and UV protection make these shirts perfect for your kids to learn how to drive, chip, putt & shoot in the 100s…just like Dad.
  • Family Gatherings:
      - Perfect for getting together with the fam. Let the kids look sharp in a polo while also still being cool (temperature and personality) & comfortable.
  • Birthday Parties:
      - You’re thinking the collar might be a little too “formal” for a birthday party, but because this shirt is wrinkle-resistant it’s worth the wear.
  • Casual Outings:
      - The movies, a day of shopping, or spending a day at the park - bring a little comfort and class to your everyday activities.
  • Travel:
      - Our kids’ polos are so easy to take care of that they’re a great option for travel. Rock ‘em on the plane, throw ‘em the suitcase and bring ‘em out unwrinkled, whatever you need them for, they’ll be ready.
  • After-School Activities:
      - Have the best-dressed kids at the piano lessons or let your kid’s style show through at the after-school club, just watch out for finger painting day.

Kid’s Performance Polos Features:

  • Four-Way Stretch:
      - Just like our men’s polos, you’ll find the same polyester/spandex blend in our kid’s polo shirts. This also means that the shirt will hold its shape after a day full of karate kicks, tee-ball practice, naps, and Gogurt.
  • Moisture-Wicking, Breathable Fabric:
      - No matter how many times your kid says “Look what I can do”, and just face plants into the grass, this shirt won’t get them all sweaty & gross.
  • Stylish Designs:
      - Just like our men’s polos, our kid’s performance polos sport the same Chubbies designs you already know and love. Pick up big & little matching polos for the fam and never lose your family in a crowd again.
  • UV Protection:
      - The UPF 50 fabric in our kid’s polos shields your kids from harmful UV rays and reduces the risk of getting sunburned.
  • Collar-Stay Technology:
      - This helps the polo’s collar maintain its shape and keeps your kids looking sharp, or, you know, as sharp as a kid can look.
  • Easy to Wash:
      - Machine washable and low-maintenance, making them great for everyday wear and for removing whatever mystery substance your child played with at school.
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