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Sun Hoodies

The Carolina Shore (Sun Hoodie) - Image 1 - Chubbies Shorts

The Carolina Shore

Sun Hoodie

Current Price $64.50
The Sun of a Gun (Sun Hoodie) - Image 1 - Chubbies Shorts

The Sun of a Gun

Sun Hoodie

Current Price $64.50
The Ray Blocker (Sun Hoodie) - Image 1 - Chubbies Shorts

The Ray Blocker

Sun Hoodie

Current Price $64.50
The Neon Moon (Sun Hoodie) - Image 1 - Chubbies Shorts

The Neon Moon

Sun Hoodie

Current Price $64.50
Sun Hoodie (Mingo Lingo) - Image 1 - Chubbies Shorts

The Mingo Lingo

Sun Hoodie

Current Price $64.50

Sun Hoodies are for more than just your fair-skinned friends and kids

“Hoodies in the Summer, you gotta be KIDDING ME” is probably what you’re thinking as you scroll past them on the site. Well, science tells us the sun is a tough S.O.B in the summer, and our Sun Hoodies are made with UPF 50 sun protection.

Our Sun Hoodies are built to keep you outside as long as you want to be.

Think you’re tougher than the sun? YOU’RE NOT. Our Men’s Sun Hoodies will help protect you from the sun’s not-so-amazing side effects. You’ll also save on your sunscreen budget. No more needing to re-apply every hour.

Sun Hoodie Features:

  • UPF 50 Sun Protection
      - Designed with long sleeves & a hood to protect your head, neck, & arms from the sun’s harsh vibes & harmful UV rays.

  • Lightweight Moisture-Wicking & Anti-Microbial Fabric
      - Built for ultimate comfort during any physical activity in or out of the water.

  • Invisible Zipper Pocket
      - Tuck away some tater tots to carb up before any watersports you’re participating in.

  • Thumbholes baby
      - Protection all the way down to your digits. Loop your thumb through these holes on those extra scorching days.

  • Sunglasses Loop
      - Keep those sunglasses secured during any shenaniganz you might find yourself participating in.

Sun Hoodies Are Best For:

  • The Sun Conscious
      - Whether it’s too nice to NOT be outside or you’re spending the day doing some yard work - this baby is built to protect you and keep you cool as a cucumber.

  • The Watersport Enthusiast
      - Toss it on between wake surf sessions and when you’re out paddleboarding with your buddies.

  • The Fisherman
      - Don’t let the sun be the reason you didn’t catch any fish today. Our fishing hoodies are perfect for fishing or as we call it “sitting on a boat in the middle of the water for multiple hours.”

  • The Extended Beachgoer
      - Leave the pop-up in the garage. Instead, take the lighter option and toss on one of these sun hoodies.
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