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Men's Quilted Vests

The Easy Going (Vest) - Image 1 - Chubbies Shorts

The Easy Going

Quilted Vest

Current Price $79.50
The Expert (Vest) - Image 1 - Chubbies Shorts

The Expert

Quilted Vest

Current Price $79.50

Men's Quilted Vests - A Fashion Game Changer

This is how your day should start. It’s one of those perfect brisk mornings with a bit of nip in the air. You have your morning coffee. Your chair outside is waiting. You open your closet and one of our Men’s Quilted Vests is there waiting, smiling, in the way only a quilted vest can.

A quilted vest assures those around you that you believe in the most ancient of proverbs - “LOOK GOOD, FEEL GOOD”.

It doesn’t matter what’s on the agenda for the day; exploring the city, cornhole tournament, or catching up with some friends over hot pot…

Wait, you haven’t had hot pot yet? What are you doing? Leave now and go get hot pot. Wait, maybe bookmark this page first or add it to your cart, THEN get hot pot.

Okay, but seriously, a quilted vest might just be the statement piece you've been looking for.

Men's quilted vests are what we in the biz call “transitional wear” meaning it’s perfect for that time of the year when it will be kinda chilly during the day and you need an additional layer, but you won’t need a full-blown jacket and then you can toss a jacket on over the top it once the temps go low.

If for some wild reason, you’re not completely sold on adding a quilted vest here are some additional features, when to wear quilted vests, & what to pair them with.

Quilted Vest Features That You'll Love:

  • Exterior Fabric:
      - 100% nylon for a sleek, down-for-whatever look.
  • Interior Fabric:
      - 100% polyester fill for extra insulation and warmth.
  • Interior Fowl Plays Print:
      - It's not just a quilted vest; it's a statement piece - if someone is so lucky to sneak a peak at the iconic Chubbies print inside.
  • Diamond Quilted Vest Interior and Exterior:
      - A classic look that escaped the sands of time.
  • Two Snap Pockets:
      - Secure your daily essentials when popping in and out of an Uber while going to the afters.
  • Zip Front Closure:
      - Keep the brisk, harsh air out because nobody has time to be cold.
  • Interior Velcro Valuables Pocket:
      - For your phone, your wallet, a gem mint 10 Charizard card, or anything else you hold close to your heart, literally in this sense too. Oh and there’s a bungee loop to hang your sunnies.
  • Made for All:
      - The quilted vest is for anyone looking to add a versatile, upscale, and light layer to their closet.

What’s the Right Setting for a Quilted Vest?

  • Casual Outings:
      - Need a quick layer to grab drinks in? Look no further.
  • Outdoor Activities:
      - Amphitheater concert or going ice skating - the quilted vest has got you covered, well your torso at least.
  • Business Casual Vibes:
      - Don’t let the guys in the streets of New York have all the fun. Take your business casual look to a whole ‘nother level.
  • Transitional Weather:
      - Look we all know the weatherman is just guessing up there. Grab this on the way out to be ready for all types of weather and temperatures.
  • Traveling:
      - Lightweight and perfect for your next adventure as it packs down small.

What to Wear Your Quilted Vest With:

  • Casual Pants or Joggers
      - This outfit says you’re relaxed and comfortable, but down to get into anything today.
  • Graphic Tees or Hoodies
      - You’re going to want to wear something underneath this or else you’re going to look like Andy from the Fun Run episode of The Office.
  • Under a Jacket or Overshirt
      - You’re like an ogre, you have layers & you look good in them too.
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