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Denim Jorts

Non-stretch jean shorts designed to be cut, frayed, & sized up for a more comfortable fit

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Who wears short jorts? We wear short jorts.

You don’t have to be Stone Cold Steve Austin to appreciate a good pair of men’s denim jorts. Adding to our beloved line of classic shorts, swim trunks, and shirts, our men's denim jorts felt like the piece we’d been missing until last year, and we’re dropping a brand-new color for Summer 2023.

The modern man no longer yearns for the JNCOs and deep back pockets of the 1990s/2000s. Denim jorts have made their triumphant comeback for men who want to make a statement with their clothing choices.

Dressed up or down, they’re perfect for outdoor activities or casual Summer days as they can be paired with tons of different shirts & shoe options.

What Jorts are Best for:

  • Casual Summer Days
      - Hanging with friends, vibing deeply - jorts are built for that.
  • Outdoor Activities
      - Dominate the great outdoors in the great short jorts. Camping, hanging by the backyard bonfire, or rollerblading down the boardwalk, your jorts will be ready for it.
  • Music Festivals
      - Need something durable yet breathable to last you through hours at your favorite festival - we got you.
  • BBQs and Cookouts
      - Ever want to feel as cool as your Dad was in the 90s? Toss on a pair of denim jorts and click-clack away with your tongs while sipping on a bevvy.

Denim Jort Features:

  • 100% Cotton Denim Jorts
      - Non-stretch denim fabric with hemmed leg openings BUT if you want that sick frayed denim jorts look go ahead and grab a pair of scissors.
  • Numeric Sizing
      - This will help ensure that these fit you true to size because we know you’re going to be playing flag football in them regardless of how many times your girlfriend asked you not to do that with her cousins again.
  • Classic 5-Pocket Design with Button and Zipper Fly
      - The same denim shorts design you already know and love plus we tossed a little embroidered Chubbies pineapple on the back right pocket.
  • 5.5” Inseam
      - The perfect inseam for any occasion.

What to Wear Denim Jorts with:

  • Graphic Tees
      - These should be your go-to if someone is trying to enforce a “no shirt, no service” policy on you while you're wearing men’s jorts.
  • Button-Down Shirts
      - Sometimes you gotta wear a nice shirt that has buttons and a collar, but you don’t have to hide your personality. Pick up one of our Friday Shirts or Sunday Shirts to keep peacocking.
  • Performance or Knit Polos
      - Go business on the top and party on the bottom with either of our polo options.
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