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Men's Corduroy Shorts

The Don't Even Chai 5.5" (Cord Short) - Image 1 - Chubbies Shorts

The Don't Even Chai

Corduroy Short

Original Price $54.50Current Price $40.00
The Cabernets 5.5" (Cord Short) - Image 1 - Chubbies Shorts

The Cabernets

Corduroy Short

Original Price $54.50Current Price $40.00

Men’s Corduroy Shorts…yep, ‘ but cooler.

Cords, baby, cords.

One part sturdy construction, one part ultra-soft cotton construction and one part classic vintage fashion gives you the best look this fall.

So how exactly did we make these new corduroy shorts? I’m glad you asked. We went through your grandfather’s closet and cut the legs off all his corduroy pants. We then took that fabric and used it to make ALL OF THESE shorts.

JK… Kinda.

We used inspiration from classic corduroy products (like the pants gramps used to wear) and updated EVERYTHING. From the fit to the feel, this ISN’T your grandfather’s corduroy. These new corduroy shorts are high-tec.

Plain & simple, we took those 70s-era pants and threw them in a DeLorean going 88 MPH and brought them back to the future. Strapping on a pair of these corduroy shorts is like hopping into a comfort time machine.


  • - 5.5-inch inseam: the proper length inseam for everything
  • - Half elastic waistband provides a clean look up front with a party in the back
  • - Zippered fly to match all the nostalgia vibes you’ll be giving off
  • - Back pocket with metal snap closure to secure your goods

Best For:

  • - Warmer fall days or crisp, not too cold fall evenings
  • - Being paired with our Corduroy Overshirts to create an incredible corduroy matching set
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