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The Amphibious 5.5" (Stretch)
The Amphibious 7" (Stretch)
The Boulders 7" (Compression Lined)
The Douglas Fraser (LADIES)
The Quad Furnaces 5.5" Inseam
The Cross Cutters 5.5" Inseam (Reversible Short)
The Santa Fes 5.5" Inseam
The Roswells
The Crouching Tiger Hidden Plaid 5.5" Inseam (Reversible Short)
The All Nights 7"
The Wear with Cautions
The Autumnals 5.5" Inseam (Drawstring)
The Chrismukkahs 5.5"
The Fragilés
The French Fries & Pizza 5.5" Inseam
The Ski Frees 7"
The So Much Funukahs
The Wear with Cautions (7" inseam)
The Aztec Blues 5.5" Inseam (Drawstring)
The Visibilities 5.5" Inseam
The Visibilities 7" inseam
The Khakmeisters 7"
The Bearicles 5.5"
The Lights Out
The Streets to the Woods 5.5" Inseam (Reversible Short)
The Red White and Bears
The Essential Shorts Pack 5.5"
The Loungelottas
The Irish Goodbyes 7" Inseam

The Shreddie Vedders 7" (Stretch)
The Rumble in the Jungle 7" (Stretch)
The Glades 7"
The Me Likey the Stripey 7" (Stretch)
The Out of Office Pack 7"
The I Seahorse I See France 7" (Stretch)
The En Fuegos 7"
The Aquatic Libations 7"
The Fiesta Fiestas 7" (Stretch)
The Perilous Pegasus 7" (Stretch)
The Hooligans 7" (Stretch)
The Tropic Like it's Hot Pack 7"
The Maritimes 7"
The Summer Holiday Pack 7"
The Liberties 7"
The Beach Clubs 7" (Stretch)
The Pajaros 7" (Stretch)
The Ski Frees 7"
The Probably Just A Dolphin 7" (Stretch)
The Haphazards 5.5" (Stretch)
The Barracoolas 7" (Stretch)
The Poi's 7"
The Royal Pines 7"

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