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Full-Zip Quilted Jackets

A soft quilted full-zip jacket with two secure front pockets

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Unzip the Comfort in Men’s Quilted Jackets

This ain't the men's quilted jacket ain't the moth-eaten jacket that’s been sitting in your grandparent's closet since you were in diapers; we’re talking about a modern-day marvel of men’s apparel that straddles the fine line between “I just found this in my backseat and tossed it on” and “Oh man, you clean up well.”

Why You Need a Quilted Jacket In Your Wardrobe

Should a men's quilted jacket even be on your radar?

First, close your eyes and picture this:

It’s a crisp, cool day, the leaves have changed colors and you’re about to meet your buddies for some afternoon shenanigans. What are you gonna wear, a puffy down jacket? Are you joking?! You open up your closet and like a beacon of sunlight from above, you see your quilted jacket. Light enough to not sweat buckets in, but warm enough to keep the chilly breeze at bay.

When you zip up one of these, you’re making a statement that you want to be comfortable but not at the expense of looking like you just rolled out of bed. Because sometimes the best times are had when you're just chillin'—maybe catching some rays in the glorious 70-degree weather with a cold drink in hand.

So, if you’re down to inject some fun, comfort, and a dose of irreverence into your wardrobe, look no further than men’s quilted jackets. It’s not just a piece of clothing; it’s a way of life. You’re going to start referring to everything before your quilted jacket as BQJ (Before Quilted Jacket). That’s how transformative it’s going to be.

Welcome to the Quilted Jacket Club of Men Who Want It All—comfort, style, and a jacket that’s ready for anything; You’re in good company.

Quilted Jacket Features:

  • Soft, Quilted Jersey Fabric
      - Yeah, it’s like that blanket you had as a kid, but socially acceptable to leave the house with it as an adult (we know you still have it).
  • Color Popped Zipper and Sleeve Binding
      - Your zippers shouldn't be boring, and neither should you.
  • Secure Front Zip Pockets
      - No more pocket-patting dance before you leave to make sure you haven’t left anything behind.
  • Chubbies Patch on Sleeve
      - We know you love our brand, and we love that you love it. Show it off with a bit of branded flair, but not in-your-face branded flair.

Where and When to Rock This Quilted Jacket:

  • Casual Fridays
      - You bet your sweet bippy this fits the bill for the office's laid-back day. Business casual meets 5pm.
  • Weekend Getaways
      - Cabin getaway with your SO, catching the sunset at the beach, or just a buddy’s BBQ. It's perfect for your weekend exploits.
  • Sporting Events
      - Whether it's a football game or your kid’s tee ball game, a quilted jacket is allowed in the dress code.

What to Wear Your Quilted Jacket With:

  • Chinos and a Polo
      - Wanna look a bit more put-together for that date? Pair it with some chino pants and a polo shirt, and you're golden.
  • Layers, Baby, Layers
      - Not much else screams “layer me” like a quilted jacket. Throw it over a long-sleeve tee or a henley to complete your outfit.
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