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Retro Tracksuit Jackets

A retro-inspired nylon full-zip jacket with a mesh interior & convertible hood
The Run It Backs (Tracksuit Jacket) - Image 1 - Chubbies Shorts

The Run It Backs

Tracksuit Jacket

Current Price $99.50
The Mad Dasher (Tracksuit Jacket) - Image 1 - Chubbies Shorts

The Mad Dasher

Tracksuit Jacket

Current Price $99.50
The All Star (Tracksuit Jacket) - Image 1 - Chubbies Shorts

The All Star

Tracksuit Jacket

Current Price $99.50
The Primary (Tracksuit Jacket) - Image 1 - Chubbies Shorts

The Primary

Tracksuit Jacket

Current Price $99.50

Retro Tracksuit Jackets - A throwback to a throwback

We heard you all going crazy over the multiple styles of our Retro Tracksuit Shorts, so you know we had to follow them up with something to take your outfit game to another level.

It’s a throwback to the retro tracksuit jackets of the 80s and 90s when extreme sports weren't in the Olympics and matching tracksuits were the ultimate sign of a guy who knew his own dopeness. This jacket is an homage to all the legends that wore them before us.

Like we found tracksuit jackets in a box in the back of a warehouse that hadn’t been touched since sometime in the 80s or 90s. We opened that box up and said “we like these, but they can be better.” So we took those incredible designs and updated them by making them more lightweight, more breathable, and somehow, (we don’t even know how we accomplished this) more stylish.

Got a morning surf sesh? Toss this bad boy on to deal with that crisp ocean air. Looking to walk a few laps around the mall with your new walkman? This is just the vibe. Not to mention, this Retro Tracksuit Jacket is ready for all your favorite activities like tailgates, pickleball tournaments, and hot person walks.

This jacket’s versatility can’t be understated. It’s one jacket to rule them all. Don’t feel forced to wear them with the matching Retro Tracksuit Shorts every day (wash those suckers). Match it with some casual shorts, Everywear Pants, or even sweatpants if you’re looking to go super casual.

Retro Tracksuit Jacket Features:

  • Breathable Mesh Lining
      - Keeps you cooler than the other side of the pillow while still keeping you warm when you need it.
  • Packable Hood
      - Worried about rain? We got you covered with a hood that stays hidden in the collar of your jacket until you need it to protect that perfectly sculpted ‘do.
  • Adjustable Hem w/ Bungee & Toggle
      - Show off your Grandpa’s super cool hand-me-down belt buckle with a cinch-able waist.
  • 2 Color Zipper
      - Not one, but TWO colors to match the rest of the bright colors of our tracksuit jacket.

Retro Tracksuit Jackets Are Best For:

  • Concerts/Festivals
      - Need an easy way for your friends to find you? Sport our tracksuit jackets with their respective matching shorts and always stand out from the crowd.
  • Sporting Events
      - You’ll be the talk of the tailgate when you show up in this matching outfit with your jersey underneath ready to catch a dub.
  • Any & All Parties
  • Use it as a Windbreaker
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