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Return Policy

Here at Three Guys, we try to keep things simple and make sure to take care of our customers.  So we couldn't have any other return policy except this: you can return any pair of shorts for any reason, no questions asked, within 90 days of your purchase.  Shaboomslam.  We'll even pay for the return shipping.  Double shaboomslam.

Just go to chubbiesshorts.com/returnlabel and print one out, slap that bad boy on the package and give it to the fine folks at the USPS. We'll shoot you an email as soon as it lands in our shipping facility, usually about 7-14 business days.

Cancellation of Orders and Out-of-Stock Items

You may cancel your order via telephone or email up until the time that your order has been shipped. If the order has been processed and shipped, you cannot cancel (if you want to change or cancel the order, you can just return the order via our returns process).

In the event of partial orders, Three Guys will ship the items in-stock and remove any items out of stock from your order.

*** All orders will be confirmed with you via e-mail prior to delivery and after we receive your payment.

Privacy Policy

Three Guys is committed to maintaining your privacy and to providing a secure transaction environment. When you place an order, please be assured that we will not share, trade, rent, sell or release any of your information to any third party, business or individual. Your information will only be released as required by law in order to comply with a government or regulatory authority. Three Guys Holding Co., LLC assumes if you place an order with us that you will accept an occasional newsletter or update of our offerings. If you wish to be removed from our list, please send us an e-mail with “unsubscribe” indicated in the subject heading.

*If you have any questions prior to purchasing a garment we would be happy to answer them. Simply email info@chubbiesshorts.com.

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