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VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITES The Chubbies #55hours Photo Contest

It all starts Friday at 5. From that glorious moment, you’ve got 55 hours to do whatever you darn well please. And one of the things we KNOW you darn well please to do is get absolutely, tremendously, and scrumtrulescently funky - as evidenced by the thousands of photos you send our way of y'all taking full advantage of those precious 55 hours.

Well, this fall, we're stoking that weekend fire even more.

We (along with some help from our buddies at Kingsford) are holding a contest searching for 4 photographically adept weekend-epreneurs (and their friends) to become bonafide Chubbies photographers who we’ll contract to take some of the most ridiculous and awe-inspiring weekendography this planet hath seen. Oh, and we’re going to go ahead and send all four winners (and a friend) on Chubbies-custom-built trips throughout the United States to kick off their photographic journey.

Sound like a plan?

We’re looking for individuals with amateur-to-pro camera skills (read: an Instagram account) that actively seek FUN and are ready to capture that Friday at 5 essence each and every weekend. The heart of this contest is the attitude that comes through in your photos - whether you’re Ansel Adams or Gary Adams who lives down the block, everyone has a shot at winning this contest. All you need is a phone, a fantastic weekend, and a healthy dose of creativity.

So, long story short, if you’ve ever wanted to live the life of a travel photographer, THIS IS YOUR CHANCE.

HOW DO I VOTE? It may be too late to enter...but it's NOT too late to vote for your favorites
  1. Visit the finalist gallery to peruse the selected applicants
  2. Vote for your favorite profiles by sharing them on your favorite social media channelz
  3. Wait 24 hours. Do it again. And then again the next day. And again the next.

And that's it. VOTE!
Ok, ok, but what do they win? Feast your eyes below.

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