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Welcome to the Weekend revolution

About The Nutter

Simply put, The Nutter is the best damn weekend shirt in the biz.

There is no comparison. Every fiber in this shirt is overflowing with freedom, and engineered by the top Weekendologists to activate what we call in the industry “The Friday at 5pm effect”. It’s a technical term to describe the complete and utter liberation that happens at that fateful hour for every man, woman and child – and it’s the greatest feeling on earth. And after three years of testing, we were finally able to put that feeling in a shirt. Oh you want some more details? GLADLY – here’s a quick and dirty rundown of the pros and cons of The Nutter:





So there you go, the plain and simple truth, in writing, completely objective. Now grab a couple and get out there for weekends so magnificent as to bring kings to their knees. The work week has had it’s day in the sun - it’s time for the Weekend Renaissance and we’re all Michelangelo’s.

Let’s make some history boys.

- Tom, Preston, Rainer and Kyle