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Aside from being a complete badass and shorts-wearing patriot, Bradley had a few words to say about his friend and fellow servicemen Beau.

"This is a picture of the 3rd Platoon Lima Co 3/25 at Haditha Dam, Iraq 2005. I have never been in the company of a greater group of men and doubt I will ever again.

One of those OGs from the 2005 group pic is a gentlemen by the name of Beau Links. Beau is one of the baddest motherf*ckers I have ever met. During our 2005 tour in Iraq our unit took many casualties, the last i checked we still had the title of the hardest hit unit of the Iraq War (about 1/3 of the men in that pic where killed in the deadliest IED attack of the war). Beau was one of those WIA during that deployment. In a small town on the Syrian border he was shot making entry into a building and simultaneously blasted by a grenade. He was evacuated that day with others and despite his horrible injuries, he survived. Then this dude decides to marry a beautiful woman, have some awesome kids, and become a f*ckin doctor so he can return the favor."

To Bradley and Beau, you guys are both incredible men and some of the baddest ass dudes out there. We honor your sacrifice for keeping this country safe and radical.

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