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Chubbies Outerwear

It was about time we made some damn fine winterwear. After two years of working through the best winter fabrics we could get our hands on, and trying them in a variety of fits, we've finally put together a collection to put winter out of business forever. Keep on scrolling for more details.

The Reversible Fleece Jackets

I will repeat. REVERSIBLE. We first built these jackets from the warmest fleece we could find, and then we went ahead slambanged a waterproof, windproof, and probably even winterproof polyester-blend on the other side just for good measure. Oh, and they're currently available right now.



All the warmth of the Reversible Jackets, just in a full-zip silhouette. You know, in case you want to throw your jacket back in the wind like MJ.


The Reversible Fleece Vests

Yep, that's right - the first ever Chubbies Vest. Built from the same poly/fleece combo as the Reversible Jackets up above, but with the sleeves torn off by Preston (one of our co-founders who can clean and jerk 385)...and then sewn back up to make it look like it was just manufactured that way. Wear them. You won't regret it.


The Fleece Shorts

We've been in this game for six years and these fleece shorts are the best we've built yet. Not too thick, just the right amount of flexibility - but still all warm and toasty-like. Check 'em out.


The Hoodies

A man needs a damn fine Hoodie, and that's what we're giving you here. A damn fine hoodie. Yeah that's right, damn fine.

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Fleece Chubberall

Honestly these feel better than wrapping yourself in an entire cloud. You can't even imagine what you're missing.

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