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Chubbies Reviews

Here are some real customer reviews that recently came through. They show the good, and even the not so good. We just want you to have full trust that you're going to have a wonderful experience if you order from us, and the best way to convey that message isn't with something I say, but with what real customers say. Thanks for taking a look. 

[11:49 AM]
*Score of 10/10 from Jordan*
Love everything about it. Great service, great look and a great vibe.

[12:36 PM]
*Score of 10/10 from Alex*
Everyone digged the Santa chubbies at the holiday party

[2:19 PM]
*Score of 10/10 from Summer*
Great product, great customer service, boyfriend loves them

[2:39 PM]
*Score of 10/10 from Edward*
theyre unique and fun shorts

[3:14 PM]
*Score of 10/10 from Sandra*
The shorts are so comfy it's like staying in bed all day

[8:33 AM]
*Score of 10/10 from Joseph*
I always brag about Chubbies. Recommended a lot of friends about thighbermonday

[4:38 PM]
*Score of 10/10 from Griffin*
Chubbies are the bomb digity

[4:49 PM]
*Score of 9/10 from Joe*
I love that most chubbies shorts are made in the USA and there are many crazy and unique products to choose from.

[4:50 PM]
*Score of 10/10 from Thomas*
its good

[4:50 PM]
*Score of 10/10 from Xavier*
You guys f*****g rock. Period.

[4:57 PM]
*Score of 10/10 from Kyle*
I feel strongly about being comfortable in the skin you're in and the idea that we sometimes take ourselves too seriously. If a fun pair of shorts and a unique shirt can help relay that message to those around me, it's a good day.

[5:13 PM]
*Score of 10/10 from Tim*
Best shorts. Best country. USA.

[5:13 PM]
*Score of 10/10 from Sam*
Because Chubbies rock!

[5:23 PM]
*Score of 10/10 from Matt*
Awesome comfortable shorts

[5:27 PM]
*Score of 10/10 from Emmanuel*
Very confortable and sexy short

[5:28 PM]
*Score of 9/10 from Katelyn*
The shorts have a good fit, cool styles and my boyfriend loves them!

[5:31 PM]
*Score of 10/10 from Dan*
Love the shorts, love the company, love the attitude. You guys put out a fantastic culture and I know it's heartfelt and fun. Thanks for all that you do!

[5:34 PM]
*Score of 10/10 from Ian*
Best styled shorts that meet the nexus of quality, service, price and prompt delivery. But can you make some sleek running shorts soon thanks, cya bye

[5:51 PM]
*Score of 10/10 from Jody*
Quality products and I needed to return 3 pairs of shorts for a different size. Had to call customer service - was extremely helpful - hopefully the exchange will happen smoothly

[6:01 PM]
*Score of 0/10 from Robin*
WAY overpriced. Poor quality. Have to iron out of the dryer.

[6:03 PM]
*Score of 10/10 from BRENDAN*
Great style, very good quality, decent price, great customer service.

[6:05 PM]
*Score of 10/10 from Karla*
My son loves Chubbies! He eats, sleeps, and dreams of Chubbies. It's 48 degrees out and because the sky is out his thighs are out.

[6:07 PM]
*Score of 10/10 from evan*
Chubbies is awesome

[6:10 PM]
*Score of 8/10 from Justin*
Ive found the product is high quality. I also ordered a pair of shorts a bit too big for me and sent them back. Customer service has been excellent.

[6:21 PM]
*Score of 10/10 from KELLY*
cause chubbies are dope and everyone should have a pair

[6:31 PM]
*Score of 10/10 from noah*
They are the perfect shorts! Also i would be super hyped if you guys made the chubbies hockey shirt from the other survey it was sick!

[6:55 PM]
*Score of 10/10 from David*
I like it

[7:02 PM]
*Score of 10/10 from Cathy*
Well I choose a 10/10 Because chubbies are great shorts. I like being able to have all the different choices of shorts.

[7:48 PM]
*Score of 0/10 from Scott*
Poor packaging, poor quality, poor customer service response to my complaint, (and photos). Marketing cannot erase the sin of an overall shoddy customer experience.

[8:13 PM]
*Score of 10/10 from luke*
Because the feeling of excellence received from wearing a pair of Chubbies far outshines anything known to man.

[8:16 PM]
*Score of 10/10 from Diane*
Great fit and well made

[8:56 PM]
*Score of 10/10 from Ricardo*
The quality of the products and the marketing make it a perfect product for men and women too.

[10:28 PM]
*Score of 10/10 from yolanda*
My Son has over 50 pairs and he looks so good in them !!!! They fit and aren't long like most men's shorts . We actually had a big fight at his highschool with the teachers and principal his junior year cause they thought they were to short , well you better believe we went rounds with them and Won !! So he got to use them to school his Senior year he was so happy . That's all he wants to wear . So if he's happy Moms happy :grinning: Chubbies are awesome !:flag-us::sunglasses::santa::skin-tone-3::christmas_tree:

[10:37 PM]
*Score of 10/10 from Christopher*
Awesome throwback clothes . Very good time oriented.

[10:46 PM]
*Score of 0/10 from Ricky*
I'm not a billboard.

[4:42 AM]
*Score of 10/10 from Andrew*
Fit quality and selection. All spot on.

[5:14 AM]
*Score of 10/10 from Bette*
Unique, high-quality products
Fun site with clever descriptions
Timely, caring customer service

[9:15 AM]
*Score of 10/10 from Emily*
Because they're perfect?

[11:55 AM]
*Score of 10/10 from Kenzli*
because they are a good long lasting, stylish type of clothing you can use for so many different occasions

[12:14 PM]
*Score of 10/10 from Larae*
Chubbies are the best shorts I've ever bought. Everyone loves when I where them to school. Short shorts are not loved enough

*Score of 10/10 from Joseph*
Because chubbies are really really friggin' rad, that's why.

[7:11 PM]
*Score of 10/10 from Amar*
The shorts are f*****g amazing

[7:12 PM]
*Score of 10/10 from Amanda*
My husband is a tough fit and I ordered these for him on a hope and a prayer - for like a dream and so fun!

[7:20 PM]
*Score of 10/10 from Jacob*
Not only are chubbies radical, but they make everyone who wears them stand far above the rest of the people in a crowd, probably because of the amount of thigh they are showing. But seriously, chubbies are a 11/10 on comfort and at killer fashion pieces. Every time anyone complements me or asks me about my shorts or shirts I instantly reply "chubbiesshorts.com check em out!" Yall rule.

[7:23 PM]
*Score of 10/10 from Zachary*
Chubbies is the most incredible brand that speaks to my soul, it's literally my life

[7:27 PM]
*Score of 10/10 from Thomas*
I love Chubbies. That simple.

[7:34 PM]
*Score of 7/10 from THADEUS*
Quality products but not made from everyone

[7:38 PM]
*Score of 7/10 from Daniel*
Because the shorts are awesome, but just a little too expensive. Unfortunate because you guys are my favorite sweatshort brand out there. But really $40 dollar cutoff sweatshorts? I can go to H&M for that guys.

Still a very loyal customer for the cause tho. Show more...

[7:59 PM]
*Score of 10/10 from Phillip*
I freaking love the fit, and length of the shorts. They make my ass look beastly and show off my quads and calves at the gym.

[8:41 PM]
*Score of 10/10 from Michael*
Because chubbies are the best. Period.

[8:57 PM]
*Score of 9/10 from owen*
I wear chubbies from time to time but I am always advocating for them. Sometimes my friends are say hey those shorts are to short and I just say your shorts are no where near as comfortable as mine.

[9:04 PM]
*Score of 10/10 from Tony*
Very comfortable and very stylish

[9:51 PM]
*Score of 10/10 from Chad*
Great designs and great products

*Score of 10/10 from Curt*
The quality of stuff you guys do is very nice. On top of all of that, your customer service is A+, and you guys are very likable people which keeps me coming back for more. I also get a lot of people asking me where I get the stuff that I'm wearing and I tell him all about you guys.

[3:12 AM]
*Score of 10/10 from Richard*
I love all your products

[5:19 AM]
*Score of 10/10 from Dave*
Innovative products, great marketing

[5:57 AM]
*Score of 10/10 from Brett*
Fun shorts that are actually short.

[6:13 AM]
*Score of 10/10 from Gabriel*
Cause Chubbies are the Rolls Royce of shorts

[7:37 AM]
*Score of 7/10 from Willie*
I like sevens

[8:30 AM]
*Score of 10/10 from Debbie*
Made well, in fashion.love the fast delivery...returns no problem nice to talk with a real person....

[10:39 AM]
*Score of 10/10 from Alex*
Everything is unique and comfortable

[1:29 PM]
*Score of 0/10 from Jacqueline*
I broke up with my boyfriend

[3:57 PM]
*Score of 10/10 from Joseph*
Great, unique products. Products are quality and limited edition products are always interesting to get something unique

[4:47 PM]
*Score of 10/10 from Benjamin*
Best stuff ever.

[4:51 PM]
*Score of 10/10 from Dan*
I already did it

[4:52 PM]
*Score of 10/10 from Stephen*
because chubbies is my favorite brand and an excellent way to express awesome

[4:57 PM]
*Score of 10/10 from David*
I am very happy with the quality and the fitting of the shirts. They are very unique and stylish. I only wished you had more matching shorts and shirts, as far as the same patterns.

[5:06 PM]
*Score of 8/10 from Molly*
Good quality but too high priced and frequently out of sizes

[5:26 PM]
*Score of 8/10 from Lisa*
cant get enough 7inch

[5:59 PM]
*Score of 10/10 from Justin*
Awesome products! The essence of 'Merica!

[6:34 PM]
*Score of 10/10 from Christopher*
I love your products almost as much as I love the company, branding and marketing that you do. I only own Chubbies shorts and I tell all my friends to check y'all out. If you need an ambassador in ______, __ with amazing quads, call me. HAHA. Keep up the great work gentlemen.

[6:34 PM]
*Score of 10/10 from Graham*
Because yalls products are the f#@$ best

[7:42 PM]
*Score of 10/10 from Cy*
Great shorts. Great shirts. Very easy to complete returns and exchanges. And a fun company.

[9:50 PM]
*Score of 10/10 from Amador*
they're damn good

[4:13 AM]
*Score of 10/10 from stephanie*
Fun shorts that set you apart from others.

[4:58 AM]
*Score of 10/10 from Preston*
I bought the brushed cotton sweat shorts, they are comfortable and look good in any situation. Looking to buy many more pairs of Chubbies in the near future.

[8:21 AM]
*Score of 10/10 from Wilkins*
Chubbies rule

[9:23 AM]
*Score of 7/10 from Isaiah*
I recently ordered the Vidas for our Hawaii trip. Everyone thought they were cool , the fit was good, not too short, not too long. The only thing I noticed was the 'magic print' would disappear if you got the short too wet. I was under the impression that once you got the shorts wet the magic print would show up and stay. The print would only last the first 5 minutes of entering the water. Great shorts tho... I'll buy again.