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Free Gift with Purchase - Check Sidecart for Details

Free Gift with Purchase - Check Sidecart for Details 

The Chublication

Equivalent to winning the heisman, getting a 4.0, and landing your dream job all at once.

The shorts revolution needs you.


A Chubbies Ambassador Program is for someone who lives and breathes Chubbies. The Program is a way for Chubsters to connect with us here at HQ by participating in various things like new product surveys, competitions, and on the ground marketing. Chubbies Ambassadors are often people’s first impression of the brand, they represent wherever they go and help Chubbies grow. Ambassadors help come up with new ideas, share cool experiences, and get to see what’s new long before the rest of the world.

Basically you would be spreading the word about Chubbies everywhere you go! School, work (gross), vacation, online, inline skating, surfing, skateboarding, fishing.... Sorry I just started listing things I will be doing this weekend. I digress. You will get to take dope surveys to help determine the new product lines, have the opportunity to be in photo and video shoots, communicate directly with HQ, help organize and attend Chubster get togethers to connect with local Chubsters, and get a birthday shoutout. (DID SOMEONE SAY BIRTHDAY SHOUTOUT?????)

Then ON TOP OF ALLLLL THAT you will get to be a content producing machine. Your Instagram game is about to be fire. You will have the opportunity to attend an exclusive web-camp with members from our content team on how to make your social media channels absolutely crush. Oh and did I mention first access to internship and job opportunities? There are at least 5 team members at HQ right now that started off as ambassadors. The ability to link up with other Chubbies Ambassadors around the country on Facebook, LinkedIn, and in person at local meetups. You also get the opportunity to be nominated and featured as a Chubster of the Week, which goes out in the weekly newsletter to all the other ambassadors.


The Ambassador Program is not unlimited free stuff. If everyone who ever wanted free gear got free gear then we would legit have the worst business model of all time. Then nobody would ever get Chubbies and everyone would be doomed to wearing pants foreverrrrr. Okay maybe not, but still - you get it.


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