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Get $10 Off 2 Or More Pairs Of Swim Trunks | Check Cart For Details

Get $10 Off 2 Or More Pairs Of Swim Trunks | Check Cart For Details

Dan Wernke invented being a badass. Dan, a Machine Gunner veteran of the United States Marine Corps, dominated two tours in Afghanistan and earned the Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal with combat Valor thanks to his heroic actions in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. On November 14th, 2010, after coming under intense fire from three separate enemy positions, Lance Corporal Wernke located and suppressed six enemy combatants, enabling his fellow marines to seek cover, establish a support-by-fire position, and ultimately repel the enemy’s ambush.

In the words of the Secretary of the Navy, “Lance Corporal Wernke’s 'unrelenting perseverance' and "'oyal devotion to duty' were in keeping with the highest traditions of the marine corps.”



In the words of Dan’s girlfriend, who wrote to us to highlight Dan’s service, “Dan and all of his buddies are the best guys I've ever met. They're brave, tough, and ridiculously strong, in every sense of the word.” 


Thank you Dan, from all of us here at Chubbies HQ.

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