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Turn Any Whiskey Into Cinnamon Whiskey


We get it, guys. You like whiskey. Nice whiskey.

But you also like cinnamon whiskey, the sweet, sweet, sweet (Jesus, that's really sweet) nectar of the Red Hot Gods. And every holiday season you're forced to choose between the two, like some sort of Guy Who's Forced To Choose Between Two Things.

Well not this holiday season, friends, because this holiday season we hit up St. George Spirits' titan of whiskey radicalness, distiller Dave Smith, to show us how to turn ANY whiskey into a cinnamon whiskey.

Because the only thing better than Pappy Van Winkle is Pappy Van FIREWINKLEBALL.

Consider your Thanksgiving/America officially saved.

Oh, and good news: it turns out it's actually mad easy to make (...if you're doing it with a titan of whiskey radicalness who already knows how to do everything). Let's DIY, shall we?

1. Go shopping

Here's what you'll need: a fifth of whiskey, 150g of sugar, 150mL of water, 15 cinnamon sticks, and a Stretch Armstrong. If you're looking for something extra Fireball-y, go with a Canadian whiskey (it's the most neutral of the whiskies according to the St. George Spirits guys). But if you want your cinnamon whiskey to still have some whiskey character, opt for a bourbon or rye. Or some Scotch-y Scotch Scotch.

2. Combine everything EXCEPT the whiskey/Stretch Armstrong in a pot

Bring your sugar/water/cinnamon stick boomslicketyslamboree to a boil, then reduce the heat and simmer it for 8-10 minutes (or until the sugar is dissolved). Toss the cinnamon sticks (or hide them in your roommate's pillowcase), strain the liquid into a glass container (you should end up with around 250mL of cinnamon syrup), and throw it into the fridge for 10mins to cool.

3. Combine your entire bottle of whiskey with your just-finished bottle of cinnamon syrup

4. Play with your Stretch Armstrong

5. Enjoy the fiery fruits of your labor

Big ups to the guys at St. George for knowing stuff and making some damn fine booze.


The Juice,

Grant "I Once Ate A GIANT Box of Red Hots In One Mouthful To Win A Bet" Marek

"If you share it, they will come... and high-five you." - Shoeless Joe Jackson

(Stretch Armstrong photo courtesy of Melissa Wilkins/Flickr)

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