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The 7 Greatest Moments in Super Bowl Long Snapping History

It doesn't get much better than this

The Super Bowl turns 50 years old this Sunday at Levi's Stadium, providing a perfect opportunity to pause and relect on the really important things in life, like these: the 7 greatest moments in Super Bowl Long Snapping History.

7. The Ghost Snapper

Super Bowl XXXII: You won't find Allen Aldridge listed as the long snapper for XXXII because Aldridge was also the Broncos starting MLB. But snap he most certainly did, no more impressively than with the Broncos up 17-7 in the second quarter.

6. All About The Benjamin

Super Bowl XXXVII: The most indelible moment from a Super Bowl filled with them? Gotta be Ryan Benjamin's first quarter long snap with the game tied 3-3.

5. The Legend Goes Off

Super Bowl XLIII: What do you do trailing 3-0 with a 4th and 17 deep in your own territory? You turn to Nathan Hodel, that's what you do. And boy did the Cardinals ever do that in Super Bowl XLIII.

4. DeOssie's Super Ball

Super Bowl XLVI: A rematch of Super Bowl XLII — where the Giants pulled off one of the most improbable upsets in sports history — Super Bowl XLVI's "David Tyree moment" was provided by Zak DeOssie, who fired off a near-perfect extra point snap to help the Giants take a 9-0 lead early.

3. Kyle to Sauerbrun

Super Bowl XXXVIII: With the Panthers and Patriots in a barn burner early, Jason Kyle connects with Todd Sauerbrun in what to this day remains one of the all-time great hut-hut-hikes.

2. Cardona's Dazzling Hike

Super Bowl XLIX: Joe Cardona's dramatic first quarter snap shifted the momentum in this one BIG TIME. If this was the fourth quarter instead of the first, this was the kind of snap that gets you carried off the field on your teammates' shoulders.

1. The Snap Heard Round The World

Super Bowl XLV: Greg Warren. What can you say. Oh right: HE'S A SUPER BOWL LONG SNAPPING LEGEND. And this snap right here is the reason why.

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- Grant and the Ghostchubusters

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