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Here's How To Play Ice Blocking Shuffleboard

It's like regular shuffleboard, just with more people hurtling down hills on giant blocks of ice

For the uninitiated, ice blocking works like this: you buy a block of ice and a Slim Jim, you find a grassy knoll, you put the block of ice on top of the knoll, you eat the Slim Jim, you put your butt on the block of ice, then you slide down and basically try not to die.

It literally couldn't be any more fun.

Unless, well, you turned it into Ice Blocking Shuffleboard, which, uh, yeah, would actually be a zillion times more fun.

So we did that. And made GIFs.

The Ice

You're looking for a block in the 10lb-25lb range, which you can usually find either at your local grocery store, a specialty ice place (we found 25-pounders from the fine gents at San Francisco Ice Co for $7), or Hoth.

The Giant Shuffleboard Table

Grab a bag of flour, use it to outline a huge-normo rectangle stretching from the top of the hill to the bottom, and then add a couple scoring lines to make it look like an official shuffleboard table. Great work.

The How To Play

Everyone splits up into teams of two and comes up with awesome team nicknames (SILVER SNAKES). One teammate sits on the block of ice, the other stands behind them, aims them, and gives them a push down the hill. Like so:

Where you end up after sliding down the hill determines how many pointeroos you get. If you land in the first large rectangle you get 1pt/moderately enthusiastic high fives. If you land in one of the two scoring zones at the bottom of the hill you get more points/VERY enthusiastic high fives — the closer one is worth 2pts, the farther one is worth 3pts. Oh, and you'll need 50% of your body in the scoring zone to get the points. Here's what scoring looks like:

And here's what bruising every bone in your body looks like:

And here's what bruising every bone in your body AGAIN looks like:

First to 21 points wins. Game on.

- Grant "Ice Man" Marek

"Ice, ice baby, share this story, share this story..." - Vanilla Ice

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