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Somewhere along the way it was decided for us, not by us, what it took to be a “male model.” Somewhere along the way a working knowledge of Nair and gluten-free groceries became prerequisites for joining the industry. Well not anymore. We’re taking a stand. Because last time we checked, this is America. Where men are not meant to be judged by the amount of pomade in their faux-hawks but by the fire in their eyes.

That’s why we’re setting out to build a group of 10 of the most relatable, ridiculously awesome dudes from all over the country who represent how dope and diverse the world of dude-hood has become. Potential candidates include, but are not limited to:

And here’s the kicker: winners of the competition will receive a GENUINE 2-YEAR MALE MODELING CONTRACT and FREE CHUBBIES SHORTS FOR LIFE.

We’re taking applications from 10/20/15 - 11/09/15. Then we're going to narrow it down to our top 20 applicants. Once we have our top 20, we're using a 100% public vote to select our final 10 winners, so as long as you can put together a rad application, and you’re not afraid of a little revolution, you’ve got a darn fine chance at winnin’ this thang.

So say sayonara to the male-modeling status quo, it should have checked itself before it wrecked itself. But seeing as how it chose not to, NOW THIS IS HAPPENING.


Team Chubbies