Black. Lives. Matter.


George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade and the countless others matter.


In follow-up to our long-overdue Instagram post denouncing systemic racism (you can find it here), we would like to take a moment to provide a set of critical (and specific) next steps.


We fundamentally believe change depends on actions over words, and on “consistency over momentary intensity.”1 So here is the beginning of our plan for consistent action:


First, we made immediate donations to EmbraceRace, The Audre Lorde Project, Black Lives Matter, and The Black Man Can. We have since implemented a matching program for employee donations to these organizations.


Second, we have filed the requisite paperwork to officially establish a Nonprofit Foundation. Our Foundation will provide a systematic outlet for our company’s long-term philanthropic objectives. Initially focused on supporting mental health initiatives and organizations, we have expanded the focus of our Foundation with a pledge to specifically support the Black community and other historically marginalized communities.


Third, we are actively vetting diversity & inclusion experts and organizations who can work with us to refine our entire approach to hiring, training and human resources. Simply put, the lack of diversity within our organization is a failure. Full stop. We are committed to restructuring internally and prioritizing diversity & inclusion with our capital resources; this will be our first notable step in demanding near-term and long-term change from our leadership, team and company.


Fourth, you will see a deserved change in our social feeds. We will feature more of our Black customers’ stories in social media and will do more to amplify and elevate diverse voices from within and outside of our community. Failure to do so equates to complicity in the continued underrepresentation and marginalization of these communities.  


Finally, we will commit to providing updates to our community as we continue to make progress and further specify our action plan. We ask that you not only judge our contribution to racial equality with a critical eye at this moment but also over the long term. We are inexpert by definition, and we welcome the help of the community to guide us in our actions.


We stand with the Black Community. We stand against systemic racism. We must dismantle white supremacy.


Black Lives Matter.


-Kyle, Tom, Rainer, Preston and Everyone at Chubbies

1 Tani Brown, Jopwell.