Chubbies does shirts.

Welcome to the Weekend Revolution.


Simply put, these things are the best damn weekend shirts in the biz.

There is no comparison.

Every fiber in this shirt is overflowing with freedom, and engineered by the top Weekendologists to activate what we call in the industry “The Friday at 5pm effect”.


It's a technical term.

And after three years of testing,

we were finally able to put that feeling in a shirt.


*mic drop*


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Long sleeves


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Short sleeves


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we get a little


as one should


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stuff you can wear every single day

(not for work, though, but if you gotta wear 'em to work, just make sure you replace your desk chair with a hammock.)


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the only popover flannel you'll find anywhere


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and we do american made

tanks, t-shirts and polos

defined singularly by durability


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oh yea, one more thing - we just brought back

the world's best retro half zip sweatshirt

we washed it down so much it's just like that sweatshirt handed down from your pops you wish you had one more of. here's that one more.


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