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welcome to chubbies shorts

We know shorts.
We love shorts.

To us, pants are a necessary evil - built for the work week because your boss just doesn't get it.

When we started, we looked to the past.

We looked to the golden age of short.

We looked to the shorts of our fathers.
This is actually one of our fathers.

this exact passion for shorts is why Chubbies are so righteous.

We don't do cargos.
We don't do capris.

We do shorts. Shorts for the weekend.

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We have put painstaking effort into these shorts.

We have engineered them for the toughest shorts critics - ourselves.

And after years of development and fine tuning, we have finally emerged with a product that meets - nay, exceeds - our highest standards for shorts excellence.

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Simply put, Chubbies are the best shorts and swim trunks out there.

Comfortable, flexible, aerodynamic and most of all utterly Radical, Chubbies are everything a short should be and more.

They are weekend BBQs in the sun. They are that perfect day on the beach. They are trampoline dodgeball and IM sports. They are radical mustaches and longboarding in Costa Rica. They go where no cargo shorts can go, and they do it in style.

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Swim Trunks that show a print when wet?

Magic Print Swim Trunks.

*queue The Final Countdown*
...And for my final trick

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Look no further for even more innovation:

The Performance Stretch Swim Trunks

take the possibilities of what can be done in a swim trunk to never before seen places.
Lunge. Flip. Moonwalk. Up to you.

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hold on to your butts

because we also make tear-away swim trunks.

They start as swim trunks, but then, at your leisure, you tear the snap buttons to reveal the famed Chubbana Hammock, and dreams come true.

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then, for instance

say you want to match with the woman or man in your life.

Whelp, we made some of our best men's trunks into some fantastic retro one-piece swimsuits.

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19th hole? of course.

7" Inseam golf shorts'll do just the trick.

Stretch fabrication allows "it's all in the hips" to truly come to life.

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i remember my first pair of shorts

Brought to you by your dad
and 1982

These are the throwbacks, paying homage to the time when even short shorts weren't short enough, and men everywhere just didn't care.

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Introducing our new

Ladies Stretch Classics

Super stretchy, mega comfy solid basics are back with an updated fit just in time for Spring.

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